Wet Hire

Our versatile team of operators are multi skilled across a variety of construction applications and machinery.


These include:

  • RIIMPO319A Conduct backhoe/loader operations
  • RIIMPO323A Conduct dozer operations
  • RIIMPO320A Conduct excavator operations
  • RIIMPO321B Conduct wheeled loader operations
  • RIIMPO322A Conduct tracked front end loader operations
  • RIIMPO324A Conduct grader operations
  • RIIMPO325A Conduct scraper operations
  • RIIMPO318B Conduct skid steer loader operations
  • RIIMPO317A Conduct roller operations
  • RIIMPO311A Conduct haul truck (dump truck) operations
  • RIIMPO315A Conduct tractor operations
  • RIIMPO316A Conduct self-propelled compactor operations
  • RIIVEH304A Conduct tip truck operations
  • RIIMPO326A Conduct water cart operations
  • S 1 ,2 and 3 G1, G2
  • Queensland first aid

Photo Gallery

CAT 745C Hauling material at Mt Morgan Gold Mine